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MLP Rarity - becoming popular by Xx-Syaoran-kun-xX
My Little Pony Herd by Seiya-Meteorite
Bonnie Zacherle by KarRedRoses
White Lanterns Fausticorn and Bonniecorn by Parlinten
Gen 1
G1 P1020830-Schleifchen by Fizzy--Love
Majesty Aqua by fameng
20170608 Best Princess by PetersonPhotos
Firefly Rehair by KissTheThunder
Gen 1.5
Watercolor My Little Pony Tales by Whippetluvpony
Starlight Pony by StarEmber
Teddy Sleeping by SkyPinPony
Teddy by Trotsworth by TCGamerboy2002
Gen 2
Copper Glow by MissTuliharja
Merry Moments ref (G2 to G4) by Bakufoon
MLP - The Last Swirlicorn by BambisParanoia
Hip Holly by SillyCaracal
Gen 3
G3 Honolu-Loo Cutie Mark by AnScathMarcach
Snorkeling With Baby Honolu-Loo by AnScathMarcach
20170611 Fairy Dust by PetersonPhotos
Going For a Trot by AnScathMarcach
Gen 3.5
Semi-Realistic G3.5 Pony by KiniaX3
Rainbow Dash~ by JR-Sketcher
Roola! by monon0
Humanized Toola Roola by star3catcher
Gen 4
On a Cross and Arrow by FallenAngel5414
Princess Luna by Miss-Racco0n
twilight sparkle by Miss-Racco0n
Fluttershy by Miss-Racco0n
MLP - Hermione Granger by uppuN
PC: Shipity do da Shipity day by FallenAngel5414
Following into Greatness by FallenAngel5414
Happy Mother's Day by FallenAngel5414
Parody art
Zephyr Breeze human mlp by TraLaLayla
This ain't chilling by TraLaLayla
Celestia and Luna Free Desktop Background by AnScathMarcach
Princess Luna by AnScathMarcach
Shika Maid Cafe Special! by ThatKawaiiBitch
AT: Rainbow Moon by ColorgasmFreak
Adean Gentry the pony artist by WolfSpiritClan
AT: Glimmer Glam by ColorgasmFreak
My Pony Ships by FallenAngel5414
g3 Trixie by LightningSilver-Mana
MLP FiM: S7 E10: A Royal Problem Review by Cuddlepug
Pony Head Tutorial by Assassin-or-Shadow
Equestria Girls
EG Chibi Rarity by Faerie-StarV
Not a Brony Stamp by AnScathMarcach
Dash Academy Chapter 7 - Free Fall #22 by SorcerusHorserus
FIM meets pre FIM contest
CE: Some magic by Winxzafir
My Little Pony Fair and Convention 2012
Mini Clay Ponies5 by BlackFoxFurry7


Bubble Blast (Requestes by EcliptorCalrissian) by SuperCambolicious Bubble Blast (Requestes by EcliptorCalrissian) :iconsupercambolicious:SuperCambolicious 4 2 Nightglider by SilverMoonbreeze Nightglider :iconsilvermoonbreeze:SilverMoonbreeze 17 8 MLP custom little Big Mac by snakehands MLP custom little Big Mac :iconsnakehands:snakehands 7 1 My Little Pony Megan and Powder by cameronfalany My Little Pony Megan and Powder :iconcameronfalany:cameronfalany 8 6 Wolf Stare--My Little Pony OC by MWRoach Wolf Stare--My Little Pony OC :iconmwroach:MWRoach 16 4 Applejack and Firefly by elfman83ml Applejack and Firefly :iconelfman83ml:elfman83ml 6 2 Commission: EcliptorCalrissian by TardyPrincess Commission: EcliptorCalrissian :icontardyprincess:TardyPrincess 29 11 G2 Ivy by SkyPinPony G2 Ivy :iconskypinpony:SkyPinPony 18 13 Apple spice by vexhis Apple spice :iconvexhis:vexhis 2 3 Apple Sause Anyone? by thegreatrouge Apple Sause Anyone? :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 95 29 Minty by cold-dead-body Minty :iconcold-dead-body:cold-dead-body 6 6 Apple Spice by Sky-draws-things Apple Spice :iconsky-draws-things:Sky-draws-things 7 2
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Ayudarme a terminarlo..
I will try to restore the losses Flags
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MLP: Grazing with Mom by AlicornMoonstar MLP: Grazing with Mom :iconalicornmoonstar:AlicornMoonstar 7 4 Bring on the Night by victorbessa96 Bring on the Night :iconvictorbessa96:victorbessa96 130 9 She keeps me warm by RavinWood She keeps me warm :iconravinwood:RavinWood 20 2

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Group Info

History of My Little Pony Franchise.

This group is to educate the new fans of MLP FIM about the original My Little Pony and explain the mane six origins as well since not many of them know about previous generations or that it's been out for thirty years.

This will explain who is the original creator of MLP franchise before Lauren Faust came along as well as discussing the similar plots from other generations.

We can also critique of all four generations from animation to character development. There will be pro's and con's from all four of them.
Founded 5 Years ago
Feb 25, 2012


Group Focus
History of My Little Pony

613 Members
602 Watchers
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Please read my rules.

:bulletblue: I allow only photos, artwork, anthro's and literature.

:bulletblue: I do not accept clop fics, fetish pics(i.e. Gak, flanks, etc.), half naked anthro's, stolen art, screenshots, bases, dollmakers, traced vectors, and motivational posters(unless it's the artwork you made).

:bulletblue: If you have a deviation of a certain generation pony, please submit it to the right folder like submit it to Gen 1.

:bulletblue: Couple pics allowed, including yaoi and yuri as long they're kept G-rated.

:bulletblue: No trolling the previous generation fans or the new fans or else you'll get kicked out and be blocked from this group.

:star: New Rule added
:bulletblue: No trolling/flaming/harassing anti mlp groups or you'll face my wrath. :|

:bulletblue: Both pro and anti MLP fans are welcome here as long you don't troll each other.

:bulletblue: Have fun in this group. :D

:star: History Info :star:…
It's been nearly a year since I've posted anything here, which I apologized for that.

I wanted to make a blog entry about G1-G3.5 references in FIM and their comics since I've had few members telling me about it and I've seen some G1 ponies cameo's in the comics as well.

I have collected some of the FIM comics and will get around to scan them to upload it to my Photobucket account. If anyone else find more of G1-G3.5 cameo's from the show or comics, scan or screenshot it and link it from your Stash, Photobucket, Flickr, or any other accounts since DA doesn't allow copyright images.

I will update the blog for more cameo's and have a Happy Holidays to everyone! :D
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I might be able to suggest a project or something.  You acknowledge that My Little Pony didn't start with Friendship is Magic.

But do you know what I haven't been seeing "fans" acknowledge? That G4 wouldn't have made more people care about MLP if not for the series pilot AND Lauren Faust.  And yet I can't count how many people I've met who disown both.  It gets under my skin!
Faerie-StarV Featured By Owner 22 hours ago   General Artist
Well, it's because some of the fans think that Faust created the franchise and ignores Bonnie hence why I created this group.

At first, they started out hating the pre FIM gens because everyone was doing it so they just jump the bandwagon hate, kinda the same thing with the rabid anti fans when they started hating on FIM without watching it because it was also a 'cool' thing to do by jumping the bandwagon hate. After they watch it, some of them became Bronies.
The same thing to former Brony Purists(FIM) when they got bored of waiting of FIM next season, they decided to pass their boredom by watching the pre FIM gens on YouTube(before some of them got removed by Hasbro despite that some of them have been there for seven years) and next thing we knew, almost all of them ended up liking it. Some of them even make a crossover fanfictions/comics of the gens and some apologized to the other fans for making fun of them in the past so it's great that they watched it and realized it wasn't so bad that others make it out to be(like what happened to former anti fans when they watched FIM and realized it's not as bad).

By the way, did you know that Faust came up with FIM ideas based on her imagination by playing the G1 toys, because she didn't like the show(she liked the toys) and came up with the stories? If it wasn't for the 'crappy' G1, Faust would never used her imaginations to create a good show, FIM. :3 I even told the Purists if it wasn't for that, we would never get FIM. FIM is basically an official fanfiction made by Faust(before she left). =P

So good things do come out of FIM. It got the former Purists to give the pre FIM gens a chance out of their boredom(I also thanked Hasbro taking breaks before airing a new season which caused them to watch other MLP shows) and while some of them still don't like them, they became more respectful of other fans and stopped making fun of them for liking them. :nod: There wasn't much hate on pre gens like it used to be few years ago which is good.
ThePegasusEffect Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for adding my art! =)
Faerie-StarV Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017   General Artist
Your welcome. :3
TeamPokeball Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Just asking so I know in case I need to later, if I were to design an Equestria Girls counterpart of a pony from before G4/FIM, which folder do I put them in? 
Faerie-StarV Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017   General Artist
Just submit it to Equestria Girls folder. :)
TeamPokeball Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Okay, thanks!
Faerie-StarV Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017   General Artist
Your welcome. :3
AnutDraws Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2016
My Mini Panty by AnutDraws  My Mini Panty by AnutDraws
RurouniGemini83 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016
Forgot to mention this; it seems that 'Firefly' has managed to sneak her way back into one toy store! The pony has been done in the FiM mold, and the mane and tail are more of a greenish/yellow color, but the double-lightningbolt marking and pink body color is definitely Firefly's!
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